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Movies to Watch During Lenten Season

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Lent is a season observed in many Catholic or Christian churches as a time to commemorate and enact the suffering and death of Jesus. Everyone has their own way of spending the Lenten Season. Some do fasting, attend retreats, travel to different churches to pray, read books, while others just prefer to stay home. As for me, I spend the whole Lenten Season watching films that teaches valuable lesson about life and faith.

Here are the five films that you could watch during Holy Week:

The Ten Commandments – An Academy award for Best Visual Effect. This film about the life of Moses is one of the best films to watch during Holy Week. We’ve been watching this film at home with my family for almost every Lenten Season and I can say that this movie is full of spectacular scenes and images. The parting of the red sea and the confrontation at Mount Sinai is still the best scenes in the movie and I still wonder how did they managed to do that.

BenHur (1959) –  A Movie about a betrayed Jewish prince that was sent into a slavery by a Roman friend. I was 10 years old when I first watched this film and has been one of my favorites. I mean what can you say about this movie? It has everything, superb acting, magnificent script, amazing cinematography. There is no wonder they got more than 10 Academy awards for this film. I mean, the famous chariot scene alone is already a great spectacle!


Prince of Egypt – One of the best animated movie I watched during my childhood. This film about the story of Moses and his life was beautifully animated, has really a remarkable story and storytelling, and the characters are well developed with the impressive voice casts. This definitely a film that a family can enjoy during Holy Week.

Silence – A latest Martin Scorsese masterpiece. This is the story of two Jesuit priests who face their ultimate test of faith when they travel to feudal Japan in search for their missing mentor. Since this film is set in Japan in 17th century, Scorsese used some Akira Kurosawa elements to this film. The story is somewhat rich and complex, the violent scenes is done in a graphic yet artistic approach which is very interesting in my opinion.


The Passion of Christ – Probably the most played movie in our home during Holy Week. This controversial film directed by Mel Gibson depicts the final twelve hours in life of Jesus before his crucifixion in Jerusalem. This film is emotional as it deliberately brought tears to the believers in the audience. The film is overwhelming as a spiritual message. If you want to reflect during the Holy Week, this movie is a must watch!



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