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Who is Lavar Ball

photo by Bleacher Report

If you’re a fan of basketball and looking forward to this year’s NBA draft you are probably familiar with Lonzo Ball and his dad. Lavar Ball has made buzz all around the basketball world and the internet because of his remarks that he would “kill” Michael Jordan one-on-one back in heyday.

Many people asked, just who is this Lavar Ball and why is he making a big noise?

Lavar is a retired American football player. He was a practice squad member of the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers in the NFL.

Lavar Ball is also the father of UCLA basketball player Lonzo Ball and two high school basketball players, Liangelo and Lamelo Ball. As mentioned earlier, he drew huge media attention on his sons’ rise to popularity in 2016 and a series of controversial statements he made this year.

One thing for sure though, Lavar won’t event stand a chance against Jordan. Jordan can beat him on one-on-one with eyes closed.


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