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Shinsuke Nakamura, is a Japanese professional wrestler and a former MMA. He was famous from WWE NXT and just became a Smackdown Wrestler.

This man has a unique entrance music with the crowd singing along during his entrance music. I can say this man is without a doubt a stylish wrestler. His wrestling style is flawless and what can I say “Stylish”. He made his debut on Smackdown when Miz and Maryse were imitating John Cena and Brie Bella, when the violinist came. The music started and a lot of people were roaring once the beat started, the crowd goes screaming and singing.

His stylish moves surprise the crowd around the ring. I would say, I would like to watch more fights from Shinsuke. Even I couldn’t stop watching him fight. Hell, glad Shinsuke is in the WWE. Welcome to the WWE Shinsuke!


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