Working days aren’t fun if you’re not listening to music. Imagine your life doing work all day without it, you’d be like a zombie staring at your computer. Yeah right. But don’t worry here are some music suggestions that might feel chill and singing over in your office with your office mates.

Here are Top 5 songs from working people who listens during their work.


Give Life Back to Music by Daft Punk

What’s more fun to take time and listen to this Daft Punk song. Give Life back to Music gave life by Daft Punk with its good combination of guitar and bass put together with an electronic classic tone. It is a worth listening during your work time.

Sleeping With a Friend By Neon Trees

Written by Neon Trees, this song has a catchy keyboard and drum beats that will leave you tapping with your feet and sing along with it.

Good Girls by LANY

This music will give you an element of POP beats with a combination of the band voice. It is one of LANY’s singles released this year. With its good beats to listen along with its guitar. Sit back and relax for while.

That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars dominated the top chart with this catchy song. This song has a slice of R&B, Soul and with its dancing beats combined with Bruno Mars equals a tasteful retro era of the 80’s. You’ll feel the classic tunes over and over again.

My Toy by Breakbot

If you want to listen to classic retro style funk music then you might want to try this music. This is the second album by Breakbot French producer/DJ and produced also by Irfane. Released on Ed Banger Records on February 5, 2016. With its electro funk style and an eargasmic keyboard , this song will take you back to a disco house and dance the heck out of it.

So these are our Top 5 songs for your workplace that will cheer you up. Hope you enjoy these songs.


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