Buying Your First Car

    Illustration by: Mik Fajardo

    Commuting from home to work can be really exhausting, especially if you’re far from your workplace. If the heavy traffic, long lines at the PUV terminal, jam packed crowd from the MRT and that memo you always receive for being late annoys you then you probably considered buying a car. Owning a car is not as easy as ABC, buying a car can sometimes fill you with doubt and fear. For a newbie, buying a new car can be the most pressuring purchase you’ll ever make.

    We’ve compiled some tips on how to buy your very first car. This tip can help not just about picking the right car, but also help you get financially ready for your car-owning phase of your life.

    Find the car that suits your needs and budget

    Before owning a car, you should know what you can afford per month. The most ideal is to pay cash, but in most cases when considering a new car, the type of the transaction price often requires financing. So, you must assess your car needs while staying realistic to your financial situation.

    If you’re considering owning a car, you must think about what you need now and what you need in the future, because whatever car you choose should serve you well for a long time.

    Do your research online. Read reviews in car magazines and research the makes and models you’re considering. This will make you decide easier and stick to what you really need.

    Set down your transportation needs

    Sometimes we dream of having a dream car, a SUV or a Pick-up. Always believing that we’ll look cool if we drive it. But then you realized, you don’t have space for an SUV or a Pick-up to fit. Ask yourself first, is it going to work for you as a day-in/day-out transportation? Do you really need an SUV or Pick-up to put all your stuff? Given the cost of fuel, toll-fee and/or parking, don’t pick what you don’t need, instead pick a car that can give you comfort.

    Where to shop for your first car?

    Buying a car has plenty of options, you can buy from a dealership, buy used car from another car-owner, or shop online.

    You can visit a dealership to test drive the cars you are interested in. you can also consider shopping online and get quotes from dealers to help you figure out the best deals you can negotiate. Buying a car from another private owner can also be a good thing. It can give you an idea of how much this dealer will charge, much better if you can negotiate about the price. By then you can figure out how much you are willing to spend for a used car.

    Take a test drive

    To make sure of the quality of the car, taking it for a test drive is necessary because for sure you’re going to spend a lot of time and hundreds of thousands of moneys on it. You can ask the dealer or someone who owns the model you want to take it for a test.

    Pay attention to details as possible before you turn on the key, including the doors, seats, leg and headroom, outward visibility, etc. Get the feel of the car.

    Long-term cost of your car

    Make sure that you have enough budget for additional costs like, fuels, car interests, insurance, repair and maintenance and other cost.

    Owning a car is not easy, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions and spend bucks. But with enough research, being wise with your budget, analyzing your options, you’ll find your most perfect car that will be with you for a long time.



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