Techniques To Make You a Better Driver

    Illustration by Mik Fajardo

    Being surrounded by cars, we always encounter bad drivers and potential hazards with every turn of the steering wheel. That’s why it’s important that every driver should stick to safe driving practices to keep their vehicles away from danger.

    Here are some helpful tips:

    Check everything before you put in gear

    Always adjust your mirrors, seat and controls before driving. Make sure you get the perfect angle for the rearview mirror and side view mirrors. Also make sure to adjust your seat in your most comfortable position so it won’t make any hindrance when you drive.

    Sit up in proper driving position

    Remember, you are driving, you’re not in your living room couch. Your hands should be on the steering wheel and your chest should be at least 12 inches away from the airbag module. You must also have a clear ling of sight to traffic lights from below your windshield frame.

    Don’t drive when sleepy

    A serious lack of sleep could also be dangerous. According to a study, one out of every six fatal crashes is caused by sleeping drivers. So, whenever you feel sleepy or not feeling well, staying off the road or find an alternative to driving is the best way to avoid accidents.

    Look ahead at cars in the distance

    We tend to focus on our surroundings when we’re on the road especially if traffic is heavy. That’s why it’s important to watch and observe what’s happening in the distance. Noticing brake lights in front of you can provide precious seconds of reaction time that could keep you safe from danger.

    Park in accuracy

    Parking is usually a piece of cake once you get the hang of it. Though, it can sometimes be tricky especially in tight spots or when you’re new to driving backwards. Learning some tricks and being patient will help you park with ease. Also, consider getting sonic sensors for your car.

    Pay Attention to traffic lights

    As much as possible, avoid talking to passengers or use cellphones when stopped by a traffic light. Focus your attention to what the traffic light says.


     Need I say more? The best way to be a better driver is to drive more. Driving is after all, a  skill, something that we shouldn’t take too much for granted.


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