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Things What You Can Do While Stuck In Traffic.


Being stuck in a heavy traffic is what people hated about. A lot of people are spending their time on the road by being stuck for many hours on waiting inside the car. Staring in-front of another car is like staring to a turtle. You sometimes imagine that you’d have a rocket boosters on your engine that can boost or having wings beside your car that flies off in the middle of a traffic, or having a mechanical car that can adjust heights and just run through cars above. There are things that you can do when you’re stuck in traffic. Here’s a little bit of distraction to ease off your hot head while in your car.


Turn the radio up!

Drop the bass yo! Turn on your radio music. There’s a saying that music can relax your mind. Enjoy some of the radio tracks or you can enjoy listening to your own tracks. Without music on the radio it feels like its lifeless to be here. I suggest that you listen to classical, rock, OPM, Jazz or Pop


There’s nothing wrong if you sing in your car, just seal your car windows and sing. Singing is a good way to procrastinate during traffic. Reduces stress and anxiety in your body, helps you to keep happy even in stressful situations. If you have a problem just sing it out loud.


Dancing inside the car during traffic is like brushing all the bad vibes on your shoulder. There’s nothing wrong with it, just don’t go outside of your car and dance like a maniac. Dancing is another way to release stress and maintain your sanity during in the middle of the traffic.

Eat something.

When there’s nothing to do, try to eat some snack. Driving school’s first lesson is not to eat when driving. Well you’re stuck in the middle of the road, so eat some snack. Don’t eat like a king, you’ll never know the next driver will stare at you so hungry.

Record yourself or do video blog.

When you’re stuck. Try to record yourself, ranting off in this god forsaken traffic, maybe give some advices on working out or doing some Questions and Answers if you have fans(not). Make a video of yourself during traffic then do some editing stuff. Heck, maybe you could be the next big traffic star of YouTube.

Hygiene check

Check your nails whether it’s clean or not, check your breath if you have a bad smell, check your dress for today. Practice this habit and make yourself presentable whether you have a meeting or not. This represents your personality as a very organized guy. Try doing this during traffic times or make it a habit.

Call someone

When stuck in the middle of the road due to traffic, another thing is you can call someone is your friends see how they’re doing, your mom or your boss. “Boss, I’ll be late” ouch. Spend time on procrastinating yourself and ease off those stressful vibes.

Hope these suggestions help you relieve your stress during traffic hours.


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