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A World Without Cars


Automobiles or Cars dominated the streets, cities and highway road. We can see all those cars roaming around the streets, some are also parked. Imagine if it’s like our population is like the same as our population. There could be a billion of cars that are manufactured around the world every year. But what if in an alternate universe, we did not have the knowledge to invent cars in the past. What if Karl Benz did not invent cars, Nicolas – Jospeh Cugnot did not built the self-propelled vehicle, George Baldwin Selden and other inventors of the automobile.

Imagine if in our present time where cars are not invented. We would rely on either man power or horse power, pulling all the weights of the passengers. Without the automobile, the air transportation would not also exist because it is powered by a steam engine. By guess you probably thinking that horse carriage is the best invention of humankind. Relying on the strength of the horse to pull the carriage. When I think about horse carriage, I imagine that there are a lot of horse production or breeding station. It’s like car center of our universe, but this time it’s a breeding home of horses. You buy young horses and make them as your transportation.

It’s like an alternate dystopian universe. You can see all businessmen invest money in the horse care. Having insurance when a horse suddenly dies in the middle of the road, imagine it. The world would be clean, no gas pollution, no global warming, less accidents on the streets and no annoying horns. This world is clean, we experience normal weathers & climate change. By this, we would appreciate how nature has given to us. How God created the horses as helpers to our life. Imagine how people would be responsible to the streets, there would be order in the world. Manage the population well then it will grow for the better future.

In my opinion, having a car is like having a baby. The road is like life, roads change so as life. The owner is the guide. You guide because there are laws in the road. Being a responsible driver is a big challenge in the road, no matter how it changes you must still follow the law in the streets.  In this real world, its not about having a big mouth in the streets it’s about having responsibility on your driving.


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