Dealing with everyday traffic, especially in EDSA can make you lose your patience. Sometimes you daydream about taking your car off and fly over the road. Imagine if you could unshackle yourself from the ground.

Heavy traffic is a great distress to anyone. Most of us spend an hour or even more in traffic every week. The growing population and huge number of cars are to blame for congesting the road. The real problem though, is that we are not developing or expanding our transportation system good enough to cater increasing demands.

The question is, are flying cars the solution to the terrible traffic jam we had?

The answer is no. Flying cars is not an innovative idea and not an appropriate solution for heavy traffic because when a flying car breaks down, then it free falls from the sky and crashes into whatever below you. The damage can cause you injuries or death.

Flying Cars don’t have anything solid like the ground to brake on. In an emergency, even if you have outstanding reflexes, it won’t matter- you’re still going to fall or you might hit a building.

So, what’s the real solution to the traffic congestion? Better transport system. The government should focus on improving the public transportation so that people won’t settle in using their cars. Also following traffic rules is very important. Following the rules can make the flow of the road running smooth and free from traffic jams.


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