How to Dry Out Your Car After The Flood


    Flood can be really devastating. It can cause a lot of damage to people and their properties. Cars are not an exception. So, if your car got into a flood or if you left a window down during a typhoon or rain shower, it is very important to try to dry out your car out as soon as possible.

    Here’s some ways to immediately dry out your car after a flood:

    Start drying right away

    First thing to do is to get as much water out of your car as possible as you can. You’ll want to use a dry vacuum to suck out your floorboards if you have in inch or more of standing water on it. Get into the nooks and crannies between seats and arm rests very carefully.

    Clear out Moisture

    Fabric and carpeting, as well as the chassis beneath your car will be too damp no matter how much you use towel or vacuum off the surfaces. So how can you deal with it?

    Position a fan, so that it’ll blow across the car’s floor and seats from one side to the other. To thoroughly dry out remaining moisture, keep your car doors open and leave your fan running for at least a day.

    Say no to Molds

    There’s still a chance that moistures could set mold growth and mustiness in your car, even after you did all the steps. Use a blow dryer and target areas that might still feel wet. Get some moisture-absorbent products like baking soda, and put some inside the car behind each of the seats. Let it for a day to dry out your car’s cabin to reduce the chances of foul odors.

    Keep calm and follow these steps for drying off your car so you should be able to avoid any lasting water damage to your car.



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