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When Will We Have Floating Cars?


Every day we see cars roaming in the streets. But what if we have already invented a floating car. Have you seen the Jetsons or Back to the future where they have already invented an automobile that can fly in the street? We’d imagine if we live in the time in the future. We would like to know when will we have floating cars?

For me, it would seem that floating cars would be a greatest invention of man, people can walk freely in the streets knowing it is safe. People who are riding can see the view from above watching the environment and looking into the skies.  There are news about futuristic floating cars are working on it, achieving this technological state will greatly benefit by people and for future generations. But still, as a driver it is still our number one rule is to be disciplined in the streets. Whether you have a fancy ride even if it is floating there is still rules you need to follow. Accidents can happen, you know. Being a careful driver leads to safety.

It’s not a bad thing to have a futuristic car. All we want if this thing is safe to ride and its functions are protected. This generation depends on technology where people rely on machines.


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