The Comeback of DeLorean

    The new 2017 model will retain its brushed stainless steel finish

    Who could not remember one of the most iconic vehicle in movies? The DeLorean DMC-12 has been a big part of the 80s culture. Starring as a time travel device in the Back to the Future film trilogy. Its dramatic gullwing doors made it very distinctive.

    However, things didn’t go well for this magical vehicle. In 1982, the DeLorean Motor Company filed for bankruptcy, and the factory was close. In 1982, the last car was manufactured. Over 10,000 cars were build and over 6,000-7,000 estimated cars remain. Some of it are in private hands while others are around motor museums all throughout the world.

    35 years after it was closed. We can now expect for its return from the past. Starting early this year, with the help of the Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act, it finally seems possible to low-volume manufacturers who make replicas of cars 25 years or older to not be with the same standards as Toyota.

    In the issued statement by The DeLorean Motor Car Company about the law and their plans to resurrect DeLorean Production. The new law provides common-sense regulatory relief for small business that would otherwise be treated as if they were producing millions of cars. The companies are required to register with NHTSA and EPA, and file annual production reports. The replica vehicles will be subject to equipment standards, recall and remedies. The vehicles must meet current Clean Air Act standards for the model year in which they are produced. The new law allows the low volume vehicle manufacturer to meet the standards by installing an engine and emissions equipment produced by another automaker for similar EPA-certified vehicle configuration or create engine that has been granted a California Air Resources Board Executive Order.

    To keep with the Clean Air Act provision, these new cars are likely to have some large-volume manufacturer’s engine. DeLorean Motor Company has been working to identify a supplier for engines and other parts that can be reproduced to facilitate the production for 2017.

    The return of the DeLorean seems promising.


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