When driving in the streets, there are types of driver that you can see. There are stance that are okay and some are not. Here are the list and meanings of people when driving.


The Chilled Driver
Image from: Research project Highly automated driving on highways – Dr. Nico Kämpchen on a test drive (08/2011)

This position means the person is bored while driving. The person leans back to his seat relaxing, his left hand holds at the bottom of the wheel. The right arm leans his elbow to the side. In this position, it describes that the driver is just relax, smooth and feels comfortable when driving the car.

The Rock Bye Driver

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A driving style that applies when driving in a highway. Driving a normal speed, the driver holds two hands below the wheel. Depicts a child as a wheel, this position is another type of  chillax driver. You may see this kind of type of driver when traffic jam.


The Truck Driver

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This type of driver is when he turns full effort on the steering wheel like a truck driver, even though his car is just a regular size. The driver thinks that he can steer his car with full turn. It may seem irritating as a passenger or another driver to see when they show off.


The Minimalist

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Another type of driver leans his body towards the steering wheel. One meter distance away from the driver and the wheel. With both hands are holding the wheel, driver focus on the road. This shows that the driver is highly concentrated on the road. He/she is looking both left and right when driving.




The Racer Like Style

Image from: iStockPhoto



This type of driver is a professional looking style. This consist of left hand holding the steering wheel while the right hand is holding on the turning rod. Its style has a pretty good-looking driving posture, with hands on the rod ready to maneuver it.


The Texter
Man at wheel using cell mobile phone while driving car Image from:

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous acts of a driver. You already know what kind of a driver this is. You should not do this when driving


The Normal Drive


This driving styles are usually the most used driving style. With its body straight looking in front with both hands on the side of the steering wheel. This stance should be what people need to use when driving. Focus only on the road, looking left or right every second.


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