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Let’s talk about DC comics. We all have seen movies from DC comics, many films were good and some are bad. Let’s not focus on how it was produced, but how it was made. Here is my perspective on the style

“DC” stands for Detective Comics and was founded on 1934, began its Golden Age at 1946, Silver Age in mid 50’s then until Time Warner. The style of DC depicts dark humor, relating how can a hero act thru the events of crisis. One of my favorite DC movies was Watchmen, based upon the graphic novel Alan Moore from 1986. I have seen movies that has a formula. Hero do this, realize mistakes and save the day at the end. But this, this is pretty dark and you might question the morality of the heroes. I suggest that you read or watch this film. Watchmen proved that not all superheroes just rescue people they too have their own code of morality, whether to save or sacrifice things for the greater good. The decision of a hero whether its right or wrong, how will the hero act.

Another movie that made me to love DC was Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy. We sure know how the Dark Knight was made. But when it comes to Nolan, he made it unique in his own style. We watch of how Bruce developed his character and turned into an avenging Dark Vigilante. The film not only focus on the reality style of settings but the moral code of Batman. We see how the villains break the Bat, physically, mentally and spiritually. Bane thought he could break the Bat’s body but no, his will stands strong. His teacher Ras Al Gul, wants to purge the city due to its corruption. The Bat still stand and fight for the city even though it is truly corrupt. And the Joker, trying to prove the point that the city and people are easily corrupt. The Bat still stands on what he believes that even though they are corrupt, there are still few good deeds inside. This is what he stands for and yet his will is strong for his city. He would do anything to save his city even if it takes him to become the villain. This is a form of dubious nature of heroism in the face of time.

Not all heroes have one perspective, they have choices. Become the hero good, become the bad in the end. It defines a character on how will he/she face. That is what I like from the DC. The unique morality of the Hero. Selfless act is one of the core of a Hero. But, do the hero wants more of this even the people are not good enough?

Anyway, this are my perspective towards the movie and comics. I like them honestly as a comic book fan.


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