MRT/LRT Survival Guide

    The MRT Train Along EDSA

    Taking the MRT along EDSA has become like a war. Engaging to it means you need to be fully prepared. Whether preparing for the extreme long lines, anticipating MRT breakdowns – it is better to come ready for a hell-ride experience aboard the MRT.

    Here are some tips to help you survive MRT.

    Leave early, avoid rush hour

    Leaving early and avoiding rush hour is the best thing that you can do. Or at least try to avoid the time when the lines are long and there’s too much people in the train. The best time to ride is as early as 5 until around 6 am. Afternoon rush hour starts at around 5-5:30. You can go somewhere and pass the time to avoid the hassle.

     Beep your beep card

    The beep card is a stored value smart card that’s a better payment option. Replacing the old stored value card, this smart card is available at stations along LRT1, LRT2 and MRT3. You can get it through a teller booth, or a ticket vending machine. It can be bought for 100 pesos and can be reloaded up to 1000 pesos – meaning, you don’t have to line up and buy a ticket for every MRT trip. That’s one less line will save you much time and it will make your MRT ride easier.

    Be patient

    Before you leave your house anticipate that your train ride will never be easy. Prepare yourself for MRT breakdowns. Be considerate to people around and be sure to follow rules to make thing better for every passenger. Don’t push and shove. Always wait for your turn. Move to the middle of the train so more people can get in.

    Get yourself busy

    Shift your attention away from the cramped and jampacked MRT. Put on your earphones and listen to your favorite song. Music can be a great distraction for your cramped-up journey. You can read your favorite book to pass the time.

    Mind your belongings

    Listen to the Train Operator. Keep all your valuable things safe in your pockets and bags. Place your bag in front of you always for safety.

    Train rides are always tough. Follow these tricks and tips for a more convenient and less hassle MRT/LRT experience.


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