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Top 5 Comic Book Villains


A superhero will never be complete without a super villain. Anyone can be bad, but being a villain means getting to plan the craziest schemes, blow up stuff, and cause chaos and destruction that makes a relevant story in a comic book.

Now, let’s look at a list of the best super villains of all time.


En Sabah Nur or Apocalypse is an ancient Egyptian and was considered the first mutant ever. Probably one of the world’s most powerful mutant. He can change his molecular structure. He is a superpowered immortal mutant that’s responsible for the creation of X-Men villains, such as Mr. Sinister and Archangel. In an alternate future, Apocalypse ruled the earth and continues to choose the right time to awaken and reveal himself.


Being a villain doesn’t necessarily mean you should have brute strength to wreak havoc. Loki, a master of Lies and Manipulation doesn’t really seem all that threatening. Loki generally find ways to get whatever he wants. What makes Loki an interesting villain that he is not either good nor evil, he’s just being himself. He is not even trustworthy to his fellow villains because he tried to manipulate things to his advantage without them knowing.


One of the strongest and biggest villain in comics. An enormous, planet-eating space god. He simply doesn’t have interest in conquering or destroying Earth, he wants to eat it. Our entire solar system is nothing but a munchkins meal to Galactus. He has destroyed countless worlds and killed almost a billion of beings. His destruction will never and will continue to eat to satisfy his hunger.


The Mad Titan. He conquered the entire galaxy with the Cosmic Cube that caused billions of deaths to prove his love to Death (no pun intended). He partially has a bit of an inferiority complex. Thanos will do anything to try to make a statement and let people know he’s a real mad titan! He can wipe out millions of his own race, erasing half of all life forms in the whole universe, or just want to amuse himself by trying to kill of some regular heroes. He can do all of that to impress his girlfriend.


The Clown Prince of Crime. Batman will never be Batman without the Joker. This madman can bring those around him to their knees with his insanity and his fondness ability with the toxic chemicals. Joker made various people insane, murdered many people and cause intense destruction.


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