Top 5 Comic Book Superheroes


    Every comic book fan has their own favorite superhero. There are thousands and thousands of superhero characters in the comic book scene, but which one are really the best? Here, we give you our top 5 greatest comic book superheroes.


    Wolverine Illustrated by David Finch

    Considered as one of the most popular superheroes in Marvel and arguably one of the best X-Men mutants ever. Wolverine has risen to the top of X-Men and most fans can agree that he is their most favorite character. His powers and abilities include a healing factor and his claws made from adamantium.


    Spiderman Illustrated by Todd Mcfarlane

    The wall-crawler, web-slinger friendly neighborhood Spiderman has become loved and adored by fans all over the world. Probably because a lot of people relate to his character. He seems just an ordinary guy who accidentally granted great powers that affects his life. Spiderman is one of the best superhero and you can’t argue about that. He can crawl on walls and swing on webs. Also, one can never forget that with great power comes a great responsibility.


    Superman Illustrated by Alex Ross

    He might not be my most favorite, but we cannot just not put him on the list. Superman is comic book history. He’s basically the first superhero to ever be created. He is considered as the number one hero of all time as he stands for truth and justice.

    The Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk Illustrated by Brandon Peterson

    Loved by many due to his “smashing” personality. The Hulk is a force that everybody wants to be on their side in any situation. He is one of the strongest character in comics, can literally lift a building and the angrier he gets the stronger he becomes. Hulk has the character and can show it when he needs too. The madder the Hulk gets; the stronger Hulk gets.


    Batman Illustrated by Tony Daniel

    The caped crusader. Batman is one of the most loved character in comics. I mean Batman can do everything.  Batman became a symbol which signifies every normal person can be a hero. He might not have superpowers like Superman, but his human strength and intelligent brain made him one of the best.



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