Unite the League, that is their saying. Justice League is going to be release at November 16, 2017. What I expect to this movie is to be the shake-up of all the DC movies. This consist of Batman, Aquaman, Wonder-woman, Flash, Cyborg and Superman. For me I have faith on this movie, Zack Snyder is one of my favorite Directors in comic book movies. His slow-motion shot are his signature, portraying as one of the most important scenes of the movies. Each scene depicts as a growth of a character in a story. That’s how unique Zack Snyder is.

In the trailer, after the events of Batman vs. Superman. Bruce Wayne must put together a team to stop an upcoming invasion of an army. Forming up the team first was recruiting Aqua Man, half human and half Atlantean. Arthur Curry is like the same level as Superman, with his ability to breath underwater, swims faster and able to call sea creatures he is one of the powerful heroes and could stand a chance against Superman if only given a chance to fight him. Next is the Flash, fastest man alive. Able to run faster than the light, Barry is one of the key figures of the League. He has the ability to summon lightning, phase through objects and travel time. Wonder-woman from the Amazon, born from Zeus. Diana is an amazon with strong amount of courage. Has a magnificent strength and a good combat fighter. Cyborg, half-human half robot. Victor Stone got his powers from the motherbox, after a near death. His father tries to save him in any method he knows as a scientist. Eventually, he discovered the motherbox and infuses to Victor then became Cyborg. Then there’s the one and only the Batman, smart, rich, master of different combat. Bruce Wayne is the leader of the League against the dark forces. Unfortunately, we do not see Superman there. He’s probably resting at someplace but he will get back as soon as possible.

I am so hype for this film. Forming the team at the beginning is a new phase from DC. While Marvel started from one character then another one and then forming a team. DC is trying its best to be unique. As a child I have watch DC shows such as: Superman Animated Series, Batman the Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited and other DC cartoons. They were the best thing for me as a child. Now that is being made on the screen I think my inner childhood has returned.


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