Uber/Grab vs Taxi

    Is Uber really killing the taxi industry?

    The taxi group, Drivers Unite for Mass Progress and Equal Rights held a protest at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) last March 27, 2017 to express their disapproval on the operations of Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) in the country.

    The group are protesting the operations of both Grab and Uber here in the Philippines because they are causing the decline of profit of regular taxi drivers in the country. Also, the group said that both services are causing more traffic in Manila.

    However, regular taxi passengers often have difficulties even before they embark on the vehicle. There is a law that clearly prohibits taxi drivers to choose passengers. Most taxi drivers don’t follow this as they openly choose passengers. And when a driver stops, they often demand or negotiate a price, not following what’s on the meter. There also some taxi drivers who are rude to its passengers.

    That’s why it’s not surprising that these passengers embrace new transportation services like Uber and Grab.

    Uber and Grab as mentioned earlier, is a Transport Network Vehicle Services. You can use their services by downloading the app. The app informs you of the availability of their cars and how much the expected fair. A tap of your finger is all you have to do and it only takes a few minutes before a car arrives. Once the car arrived it will bring you to your destination directly without question. Not like a taxi which we sometimes need to convince the driver to agree to bring us to our destination.

    To the taxi companies that are trying to stop the growth of these new transport services, if you want people to choose taxis, give them good reason to do so. Improve your services.





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