Philippines’ First Car

    1904 Richard-Brasier Roadster model on display in Mind Museum- Taguig

    Automobiles has been around the Philippines for centuries. Philippine auto industry started during American Period from 1898 to 1946. Americans introduced American-made cars and sold it to many Filipinos.

    The very first automobile car to land in the Philippines landed in 1990. La Estrella del Norte, a trading firm, shipped the Georges Richard from France. It’s first owner was a rich doctor named, Dr. Miciano. In 1907, the first shipment of automobiles for sale was delivered. Bachrach Motors, an affiliate of American Firm, Ford Motors are their importers.

    La Estrella del Norte was owned by Frenchman Georges Richard. Georges ran the automobile manufacturing firm from around 1897, copying Benz cars at that time. Designer Brasier joined the firm in 1902 and named their marquee auto “Richard-Brasier.” The company closed in 1930.

    Due to a growing number of automobiles that are shipped, an import substitution policy was developed, which then led to prohibiting and putting high tariffs on the import of fully-built-up cars from 1951 until 1972. Marcos, the president at that time advised Filipinos to buy smaller and more efficient automobiles with four cylinder engines.


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