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    I am sure most of us grew up watching Pixar movies. Pixar have produced more than 15 movies. In these 15 movies, people started building up theories, giving the idea that all Pixar movies take place in the same timeline. Everything from Toy Story to Monsters Inc. is part of one story arc and they are all connected, pretty much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    Jon Negroni came up with the theory  that all the films relate in a timeline of events.

    Here is the Pixar Theory timeline created by Jon Negroni.

    The Good Dinosaur (65 million years ago)

    In this alternate universe of Pixar, an asteroid did not hit Earth, thus preserving the dinosaurs. After millions of years, first accounts of animals displayed astonishing intelligence, as well as the unique effect humans have on their environment.

    Brave (1oth century)

    In this film, Merida, a young princess of the clan Dunbroch in Medieval Scotland discovered “the-will-of-the-wisps.” A magic that turned her mother into a bear. This magic is the reason why animals and inanimate objects behave like humans. This magic was utilized by a witch, who mysteriously vanishes through wooden doors.

    The magic from the will of wisps would eventually lead to the birth of super heroes.

    The Incredibles (1950s & 60s)

    The government found a way to control human energy by creating supers. But Buddy, a person who would want to be a superhero has created a self-serving A.I. bots “Omnidroid”, and a high tech Zero Point Energy that lead to the demise of superpowered humans.

    Toys started to absorb and draw their powers from Zero Point Energy, leading to Toy Story.

    Toy Story 1 & 2 (1995-1996)

    Due to Syndrome’s technological accomplishment, toys have started to have signs of life. Toys have come up with a certain rule and learned that human love is an energy source, in which they thrive.

    The toys now discovered that it is dangerous for them to be segregated from humans. These toys start to question their purpose in life.

    Finding Nemo (2003-2004)

    Animals begin to be more curious and carry more human characteristic. Fishes in the ocean are becoming more advance because they have schools, a network and a freeway system. Humans are polluting the earth and began experimenting on fishes. Dory was one of the animals that was experimented on, that is why the reason she is forgetful.

    Ratatouille (2007)

    A rat becomes so engulfed in to human culture and their society that he eventually surpasses all of them to become the best chef in the world. In this film, we see personal interaction between human and animal. But for controlling humans.

    Toy Story 3 (2010)

    Many toys started to have had enough of humans, with Lotso the Huggin’ Bear trying to look after his own people. He hates humans because they use and discard toy like they are nothing. Resentment in humans is still growing.

    Up (2011-2016)

    Carl discovers that animals can communicate with humans thru Doug’s collar. We see here that animals have bitter thoughts towards humans. This eventually lead to a war between humans and animals in which human had won.

    Inside Out (2015)

    We discovered here that humans use emotions as energy. The emotions, as well as the imagination has various levels of powers, with joy being the most powerful emotion. This will lead to Monsters Inc where we learned that machines thrive off the energy of humans.

    Coco (2017-??)

    Although not yet released, Coco will be about an adventure through the land of the dead. There are clues hinting to the connection between the spirits and the will-of-the-wisps from Brave.

    Cars 1, 2 & 3 (2800-2900)

    Animals began to stand up against humans to stop the pollutions. Humans eventually won the war with the help of the machines. However, the effect of the machines helping humans tipped the balance of the Earth. Resulting to Machines/BnL sending the remaining humans into space. The rest of the machines were left on Earth to run the Earth.

    Wall-E (2800-2900)

    There are no humans lived on Earth for over hundreds of years. Wall-E, the only robot of his kind is the only one shown to be still functioning on Earth. Wall-E, together with Eve help save the shoe that contains the last plant of life that help humans to get back to Earth. The plant grows into a mighty tree.

    A Bug’s Life (2898-3000)

    The Earth gets back on its natural state, thanks to the plant from Wall-E. The plant now grows into a tree and animals became stronger due to their evolution and their mutated genes.

    Monster’s University & Monsters Inc.

    Due to radiation caused by BnL, animals started changing. These animals evolved into monsters and have accidentally erased humans off the planet. Though still reliant on human emotions as their source of power. The monsters established the Monsters University to go back in time, where humans were still around.  Using doors to time travel to the human generations.

    Monsters Inc – Epilogue (5201-??)

    Boo from Monsters Inc become so obsessed with finding Sully. She eventually learned how to travel through time using doors. And guess what, she eventually became the old lady in Brave. She even has a drawing of Sully in her workshop.



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