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Waze of Time

Image by: © Waze

Sometimes, I like and hate Waze. The navigation of the app is sometimes not accurate and leads you to another unknown route when suggesting a route. The good thing about this app is its helpful notifications, notifies heavy traffic, flood notification when heavy rain occurs, construction ahead and places with events.

Waze is a real time navigation app that notifies traffic and suggest different routes to counter the traffic. Not only for traffic, it also informs for construction in the middle of the road.

There are people that are complaining for the inaccurate suggested routes, such as: driving in a one-way road, drivers making U-turn zone that are not allowed to U-turn and sometimes it can lead you to a dead end corner. People are complaining for the lack of accuracy of the app. There are other people saying that the internet signal is poor on some location. That is also a big problem from the internet providers. When you drive by to a location with a poor connection, Waze system will have a miscalculated suggestion routes when the internet has a good connection I hope they improve their accuracy of the navigation and fix their suggested route. It is a helpful app but needs increase its accuracy.


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