Kadamay Takeover

    Photo Credit: Inquirer News

    Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay) occupied the housing units that are meant for soldiers and policemen located at Pandi Bulacan. Their members said that the government have failed to provide better housing projects for the people.

    The occupation by its members of the housing units owned by the government in Pandi, Bulacan has exposed the sorry state of housing projects of the government.

    Kadamay resource person, Gloria Arellano said that the occupied housing units are so tiny that only the pet dogs of congressmen and senators can fit. She also said that the units were made of sub-standard materials. This is the reason the original beneficiaries rejected the units.

    Arellano said, the Pandi housing units had not been use for more than two years before Kadamay members eventually occupied them. Most units were inhabited by animals, insects and plants.

    There are also reports that imply that Kadamay has been complaining about the units that they occupied. However, in a statement posted in their Facebook page, they are only been there because the homes have been deserted and not used. Also, as opposed to a report that they are asking for free electricity and water, Kadamay stated that they are actually calling for direct connection to electricity and water service providers. Most relocation sites routes utilities through either the NHA or the developers. This results in expensive and unreliable delivery.

    According to National Housing Authority (NHA), five of the total seven housing sited were occupied by Kadamay and was supposedly intended for informal settlers in Metro Manila, while the other two are for the police and low-ranking military personnel. Of the 55,000 units, 5,000 has already been occupied by Kadamay members.

    President Duterte have promised AFP and PNP personnel that they will be given better and bigger units and let Kadamay members occupied the units.

    NHA general manager Marcelino Escalada Jr. said the NHA decided to set a deadline to AFP and PNP so they can dispose the idle housing units. According to Escalada, the housing units will might as well give to other beneficiaries and come up with a better design for them.



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