Marvel’s Diversity Issue?

    All-New-All-Different Marvel features more diverse characters

    If you’re a comic book fan, you probably heard the news about Marvel Comic’s sales slump. Marvel’s vice president of sales blamed October-November sales slump. According to him, readers were tired of “more diversity”, gender-bending characters and “female characters.”

    Now, the question is: does diversity really killing Marvel? Or is it something else?

    Marvel has been doing remarkable things with their movies. Most of them have been at least decent. Though, Marvel somewhat not doing as good as what they are doing in their movies. Marvel has been creating many new characters lately and has been introducing and reviving numerous “diverse” characters – mostly gender-bending existing characters.

    Print industry on the way out and more people are more reliant on using digital stuff. When you say print industry, it includes comic books as well. Diversity is really not a reason why Marvel’s comic book sales are dropping, in fact diversity is doing pretty well with younger audience. It’s the comic of the digital age that makes Marvel comic sales drop. Some people today prefer reading digital comic books rather than buying physical copies because you know, it’s becoming a thing now.


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