If you’re a gamer with a passion for racing, then DiRT 4 is the best game for you. Developed by Codemasters. DiRT 4 is a rally racing video game. One of Colin McRae Rally game series, it is the 12th game.

DiRT 4 will be launched on the following platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One and will be released in June 9, 2017. Check out the trailer below.

This game takes you to a whole new level of off-road racing. The game features modes such as: Rally, Landrush and Rallycross Races. Rally racing, players get to race as fast as they can or race of time with the help of the navigator that helps you to guide on the road. In this game also, there are no head to head competition in this game. Landrush, this mode is different from Rally, players must finish the race first. With the use of buggy cars and no navigation, it is a challenging mode for players to play this game. Then there is the Rallycross, the regular type of mode were you race in single or co-op play. You can also play also career where you can create your own driver then make your way to the racing and get rewards from it. You can also set your preferred weathering system in your race and change customization of your car.




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