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Zoomzoomzoomzoomzoomzoomzoomzoom. Haha, jk.

Spoiler alert! This article contains major spoilers for the movie. Proceed at own risk.

The Fast and Furious franchise has released its 8th installment after 15 years (really it has been that long since the first movie, talk about fast), and it did not disappoint (not much, anyway). The movie still had the some action packed, car enthusiast, and thrill seeker feel, but what made it different from the previous films is its immense focus on bonds be it with family or friends that are like family, and the lengths we would go for them.


The film centers on Dominic “Dom” Toretto’s (played by Vin Diesel) apparent betrayal of his formed family (his team composing of his partner Letty, Hobbs, Paerce, Parker, and Ramsey), unbeknownst to them it was all because of Elena (a former love interest of Dom) and their son whose existence Dom did not know about until Cipher showed them to him.


It’s both good and bad that the film chose to center more on the characters’ personas and relationships; I did miss its intense car chases, race, and car features, not that the film completely let go of it, I was just not that contented (Tokyo Drift was it for me), but it’s still a good film to see especially for those who’ve stuck it out since The Fast and the Furious.

Another thing, the ending was good, but I think it would have made a bigger impact if Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor, [maybe played by his brother CGI-ed again?] was around at get together. I mean, I know they don’t want him involved in the shenanigans, and that they still care, love, and think of him as family, but Bryan, along with Mia and their son, not being there feels like they’ve completely shut him off from their world. Plus it would have meant more if Brian was there, and Dom decided to name his son Paul, not Brian. It would have hit home to fans, and could’ve served as an additional memento (the first being the end part of FF7).


After watching the film I really want to be a hermit now. I mean, Cipher may just be a fictional character, but I do believe that there are people as good, if not better, as her at hacking, and that thought scares me. We live in a very digital age now, where most personal valuable information are in our phones or laptops, in digital vaults or accounts, all at a hacker’s disposal; to think that not all hackers are like Ramsey who uses her skills for the greater good. The film reminded me to be more careful, and not to be overly dependent on technology as it may make or break us in the end. In addition, it made me rethink cars being too advanced and installed with maybe too much technology might be bad. I know that some are made for the purpose of our well-being, like safety, fuel economy, navigation and the likes, but it does pose some unknown repercussions, what do you think?


Featured 8

And since this is the franchise’s 8th installment, I’m going to share my personal 8 favorites from the film.

1. Race in Cuba

Who wouldn’t be amazed by Dom’s racing skills, car knowledge, and fast thinking? This race certainly highlighted why Dom is the de facto leader of the bunch (next to Brian anyway). Plus, he’s a man who knows the value of respect when he lets Fernando keep his car, and when he gives his Impala to his cousin, after trashing the latter’s car in the race.

2. Shaw Brothers’ entrance to Cipher’s plane

Their entrance was wicked! (In the best way possible) Who hasn’t dreamed of flying using a jet pack?

3. Dom’s 1961 Chevrolet Impala

This one’s a bias on my part, since the Impala is probably one of the best cars there was. How I wish to be Dom’s cousin right now! His Impala was in immaculate condition.

4. Prison Breakout

Hobbs and Shaw’s rivalry is intense that its actually funny [in the best sense]. I actually loved the whole prison scene from Hobbs entering to him seeing Shaw, them teasing each other, finally the breakout itself. They’re both amazing characters, that to have them be rivals in a buddy way was cool.

5. New York City Car Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse has been a pretty popular theme lately, and I guess the producers went with the trend to feature their very own zombie car apocalypse which both amazed and horrified me. I don’t know how I would feel if I was one of the owners whose car suddenly went berserk and flew out of the parking lot.

6. Dom’s Dodge “Ice” Charger

It feels like something from [Back to the Future] Doc’s lab with the flux capacitor and all, there’s even aturbine engine attached to the rear. Oh the things that he did with it. Mind you, he launched an EMP riding this car, but surprisingly the car didn’t stop functioning communications and all. A bit more modification, and I swear he could even pass for the Batmobile.

7. The one where the team protected Dom from the explosion

The team shielded Dom from the explosion by creating a barrier from their cars even though Dom had betrayed them recently. I just love how they never gave up on him, even if it was hard. Family is important. People who love and bond over cars, aren’t superficial friends as well, it can run deep like those guys.

8. Deckard Shaw’s Plane Fight Scene

Action with comic reliefs in between. It’s the type of scene to keep you hanging on to the edge of your seat, and make you laugh out loud. He defeats the bad guys while minding Marcus (Dom’s baby), amazing!


Watch Fast 8 while its still on local cinemas!!!


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